Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Well day 1 in orlando (day 4 of the holiday)

We went to blue lagoon in iceland, and it was lovely. Spending the morning just floating about and relaxing drinking some krap (slushes, but the kids found the name amussing).
Then onto the plane. Again we traveled with icelandair and again the service was excelent. The kids meal was very tasty (danny didnt want it) and ee settled back to watch movies.
Finally we landed in orlando at 8.45pm, and went through the dreaded security. The lines were long and john started to play up. After an hour in the queue andy went and spoke to security and we got flung through quickly after that. (note for next time - bring doctors note and go straight through the assistance queue).
We grabbed our car (alamo) and headed to our appartment at vista cay.

WOW! We are in love, could we just not leave? Its stunning. We flung our things in and headed to the big new mcdonalds and then to wallmart to grab some suncream,juice and cereal. Then we came back climbing into bed at 2am orlando time (23hrs after we woke up) by then john was really playing up - hoping he has a better day now he has rested.

Not sure what we are doing today,probably have a relaxing day and a nosy before heading to universal tomorrow

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