Sunday, 10 April 2016

Day 2

Up bright and early and the sun is shinning. We laze about for a few hours at the cottage having breakfast before heading out further east to see the sites.

We visited loads of various places (which i will get better pictures up of once they can be taken from the camera) with several above taken on my mobile. My youngest seemed to have a fantastic time, and even my eldest came out for a peak at diamond beach.

Then we headed back, put the 3ds on charge and headed to vik for dinner. Luckily we found somewhere just before they closed for the night. It was a lovely meal, and filled our tummies nicely.

Afterwards we returned home, and i sat watching the aurora and dozed off. Luckily hubby managed to get some lovely pictures of it, so i will upload them when we get them off the camera.
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