Tuesday, 22 March 2016


I wont up this morning and its hut me that their is not long to go untill the holiday. Suddenly i feel nervous, that sick feeling that i usually only get if going to the dentist is their and making me feel queasy.

I have so much to do and so little time to do it.Hubby has been mapping out places he wishes to visit in iceland. Last minute tickets are being bought, cases to pack,house to tidy.... I have lists galore and im dreading i will forget something.

Also the exchange rates have dropped again :( with the low 1.38 exchange rate i will be lossing out on quite a bit of money (about $1620 worth compared to rates at christmas), but im sure we will still make the most of it.

John seems to be coming around to the idea of the holiday and is looking forward to going to mcdonalds on our first night their to make his own pizza or burger, so that at least is a step in the right direction.

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Planning and telling the kids

Planning the holiday is fun (for me at least), going on holiday is exciting, telling the kids and watching their faces is ment to be priceless. Not here its not.

So after talking long enough about going on holiday at the end of 2015 we finally took the plunge.

To start we visited the travel agent, but we couldnt get the dates we wanted (had to be specific dates due to hubby's work) they wanted £3300 for the 4 of us for 2 weeks in Orlando. So we left it with hubby saying he would see what he could do at work.
That night it kept niggling at me and i went to see the roster, and noticed that his time of was the very end cycle of the winter holidays. So with renewed confidence hubby went into work to ask collegues if he could get the first summer cycle off, and after a week or so he finally got a yes from everyone.

I was ecstatic, this meant 23 days holiday, but what to do? Well i got planning!
I knew hubby hates theme parks, so 3 weeks at orlando was out of the question so after remembering places he would like to photograph the dates and places were set.
Iceland - 2 full days there (plus travel days)
Orlando - 13 full days
New york - 4 full (plus the better part of our travelling days also.)

After lots of searching we got great prices for everything, costing us only £300 more for the 24 days in 3 locations than the travel agent wanted for 2 weeks.

We decided almost straight away to tell the kids. John has asd so we knew he would need knowledge of it before hand. So we sat him and his younger brother down and told them.
Kids we have just booked to go to Orlando!
John's face fell. "I'm not going to Orlando" he said "I will get sunburnt".
We turn to Danny "You want to go don't you? It will be your birthday when we are there"
"No" he says, "I want to stay here and get a birthday cake"

:( what happened to the screaming and excitment and the happy faces?

Since then neither have seemed bothered with going, John has declared that he doesnt want to see or here about it, Danny however seems to be a little more enthusiastic. Only time will tell if they enjoy themselves when we go.

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