Sunday, 10 April 2016

Day 3

We got up early this morning and packed our bags. The kids were sad that the had to leave the cottage.
We stopped off again at vik for food and to see the sea stacks before going on.
Andy and dan went to see the abondond plane while i stayed behind to watch john, and then on to see 2 stunning waterfalls.

We had fun getting wet while we went behinf one of them. It was magical, and dan enjoyed seeing it making rainbows. Unfortunately due to the amount of time it took for andy to walk to see the plane, we ran out of time to fully enjoy it.

So we left in a hurry to get back to Reykjavik. The sky driving back was stunning, and my phone does not do it justice.

We have now just arrived at our apartment for the night. Im sat here half asleep doing the past few days posts, and ready to turn in for the night. Tomorrow we will be at blue lagoon and then flighing to orlando.

I cant wait to get the good photos off the camera and show everyone, but alas it will need to wait. I have loved Iceland. It really makes you arop and think, its so quiet with few people about and gives you peace ro reflect along with stunning landscapes that take your breath away and hope i can get back again soon, as their is much to see which we never managed this time.
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